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Tery Wayne

Writer, Publisher, Song Plugger, Artist Manager

In addition to artist management services, we also offer songwriting services to help artists create and refine their music. Our team of skilled songwriters can collaborate with artists to create original music or help with the arrangement and production of existing songs.

Tery Wayne, COO & Co-Founder

2023 Accolades & Awards
Cuts For Television

Sunday Frenemy - The Young And The Restless


Tonite -  The Young And The Restless


Fightin The Devil  - The Young And The Restless


Stay -  The Young And The Restless

Cuts By Artists

Tammy Renee

Giving Up Control

A Little More Grace


The Hoppers

If We Ever Got A Look


The Talley’s

The Answer Is Christ


11th Hour

Mountain Movn Faith


The Whisnant’s

Keep Me Close


The Kingdom Heirs 

The Blood That I'm Under

(As Performed in Dollywood)


Kevin Winebarger


Stacy Riddle Faster

If You Only Knew (PENDING)


Worth The Wait

Why Didn’t I

Love Me Like Your Leaving

Let It All Go


Kathryn Shipley

Oh What A King

I Will Be There

Sometimes (PENDING)


Dusty Leigh

Love Me Like You’re Leavin


Dawn Rix

Wanna Be Holding You

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